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Unseen Flame - Call it a day..
Unseen Flame have split up due to Rik moving up to leeds
to work and Steve going off in search of the perfect wave.
The band would like to thank the thank worthy for there support
over the last three years, we have had a lot of laughs.
Unseen Flame. 12/07/2005
Keep checking back here for info on new bands and side
projects either Steve, Rik or Mike are involved in.
Rik has set up an Unseen Flame Myspace
He has also set up a Unseen Flame Garage Band Site
Check what Rik is up to HERE
Check what Steve is up to HERE
Check what Mike is up to HERE


sat 02 july
mr wolfs noodle bar bristol
koala attack + modi

mon 28 mar
moles club bath
daytona + romantic breakup + bedmonster

sat 26 feb
the old tavern bristol
the fidgets

debut CD out now
UNSEEN FLAME - It's Johns World We Just Live In It, EP - 2004
"with a refreshing lack of subtlety, here comes a power trio
worthy of the name, armed with cracked cymbals and a few choice bar chords.
although aiming for rudimentary catchiness,
there’s still something of the mclusky-esque deranged abrasiveness about
them. oi!" - decode magazine

sat 03 dec
trailer park trash xmas bash
the porter butt bath
kenisia + mr zippy + the setbacks

sat 20 nov
mr wolfs noodle bar bristol
the gift + the sky is blue + silev + DJs
El Riko & El Musto / DJ Jimbo / The Stoops

mon 15 nov
the croft bristol
dream of icarus + sound saga

thur 30 sept
wunderbar midsommer norton

sun 14 dec
cavern club exeter
fcg + valdez + bad blood

mon 24 nov
louisiana bristol
the subterraneans + x-teller

thur 06 nov
wunderbar midsommer norton
valdez + gafftape

weds 24 sept
the croft bristol
monkeyscrub + effluence

thur 31 july
wunderbar midsommer norton
mr zippy + the teenage girls

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