About Diabetic Horse Records
Formed as an independent label based in Bristol, UK, Home of the Pirate Accent. Their vision was to create a company that celebrated all the fantastic talent they saw in their home city Bristol, UK. Since its conception , Diabetic Horse Records has acted as a promoter as well as a portal to release several records. It has been involved with such artists as Mustard Allegro, Pelouse en Fromage, Unseen Flame, Petulas 4 Favourite Things, F.U.D., Prosthetic Foreheads, Yes Piglet! and many others.

In 2006 Diabetic Horse Records was set up to release The Swindon Oasis EP by Mustard Allegro by one of the band members in conjunction with Fact Fans another label/promotion network which was set up by another member of the band several years previously. In 2009 Mustard Allegro finally released their debut album Dwarf Shortage it was decided to release that through Diabetic Horse Records too. Diabetic Horse Records have always had a firm belief in the D.I.Y ethics of producing and releasing music their selves rather than putting it in the hands of others who may not share their passion for what they do.

When setting up this website to sell various musical products via PAYPAL i also decided to make available a couple of previous projects i had been involved with available, Petulas 4 Favourite Things with the 2002 EP Here Come The Constabulary and Unseen Flame with their 2004 EP Its Johns World We Just Live In It, which was dedicated to the late great John Peel who was a pioneer in championing various forms of new interesting and independent music and a great inspiration for me.

Diabetic Horse Records - Artists

Mustard Allegro
Mustard Allegro are not from California. Perhaps, then, the office blocks, docks and cranes of their native Bristol explain the angular portwards list of their peculiar brand of Surf music. The sense of humour is certainly British: named after an iconically awful 1970s car, and sporting track titles like 'At the Mount of the Chocolate Fountain, At the Fount of the Chocolate Mountain (Hyperdrive!)', the Mustards inhabit a world in which King Crimson write energetic two-minute micro-epics with Joe Meek at the controls, then dash down to the beach, boards in arms, only to find half a mile of mud between them and the Severn Estuary.

For fans of Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Ventures, Man Or Astro-Man? and Bambi Molesters as well as those of The Fall, Marc Ribot, Ivory Springer and Slint.

For gig dates and relatively up-to-date information, please visit our page on Myspace: www.myspace.com/mustardallegro If you're on Myspace too, please be our friend. We're not picky.

Unseen Flame
With a refreshing lack of subtlety, here comes a power trio worthy of the name, armed with cracked cymbals and a few choice bar chords. although aiming for rudimentary punk catchiness, theres still something of the mclusky-esque deranged abrasiveness about them. Steve (ex-Yellowskin) formed Unseen Flame originally in 2003 with Les (ex-Clevedon uk subs) and Jerry. after Les left, Mike (p4ft/ prosthetic foreheads) filled in. they started gigging with this line-up mid-2003. by the end of 2003, Jerry was next to leave the band. in 2004, Rik (ex-kickflip/ ex-kiwi) came in as replacement guitarist, while Steve took over on main vocals. Unseen Flame gigged with this line-up until July 2005, when Steve moved down to Newquay and Rik moved up to Leeds and the band acrimoniously split. Check out the tunes we recorded here... www.myspace.com/unseenflame

Petulas 4 Favourite Things or P4FT
Formed in 1993, Imploded in 2004. P4FT were an odd group, initially inspired by Nirvana and The Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band. Their name was partly taken from 1960's singer Petula Clark, us being her favourite things she never knew apparently. The band set about writing silly songs. Having had Sixteen band members come and go in its Ten years in existance and a repertoire of hundreds of songs, they eventually got there act together in 2002 and went into a proper studio to get a decent recording of what they sounded like there and then. The resulting Product to emerge was named Here Come The Constabulary after a drinking game a friend of the band had come up with, The pictures on the front and back of the album cover of two police officers in the flight of passion, were taken by mike the guitarist some years earlier at Glastonbury Festival. Here is a nice Review of Here Come The Constabulary. Click on the Tracks Listed by the album to hear samples of the songs.

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Mustard Allegro - Dwarf Shortage - 2009   Mustard Allegro
Dwarf Shortage

01 Linda Snell Sez 02 Man Kicks Bee Into River 03 Land Of Contusion 04 Chaplin Vs Maplin 05 Dead Man's Chutney 06 Devil With A Glove Puppet 07 No Rizlas In Space 08 Hotrod My Twintub 09 Oscillating Lawnmower Symposium 10 Mandu 11 Finistaire 12 Fishing For Monsters 13 She's A Furry Forensiquette 14 Donald's Pheasants 15 Straitjacket Raving Lobotomy 16 Summer Of Monkey 17 Evolve Don't Revolve 18 The Theme
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4 + p+p worldwide
Mustard Allegro - The Swindon Oasis, EP - 2006 Mustard Allegro
The Swindon Oasis

1. Great White
2. Screamer
3. Sidewinder
4. Wave Machine
5. Theme from Mustard Allegro
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50p + p+p worldwide
UNSEEN FLAME - It's Johns World We Just Live In It, EP - 2004 UNSEEN FLAME
It's Johns World We Just Live In It

1. Air-Con
2. Melted Parka
3. Radio
4. Rise Up
5. Memory
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3 inc p+p worldwide
P4FT - Here Come the Constabulary, EP - 2002   Petulas 4 Favourite Things
Here Come the Constabulary

1. So Small
2. Ska Sofa
3. Han Solo
4. Teenage Lesbien Vampire Nazis
5. Here Come The Constabulary
5 inc p+p worldwide

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