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**Cage Biography**
Cage were brought together in late September 1999 from several jam sessions
which took place in the now defunct Frontline Studios rehearsal rooms off of portland square
in the city of Bristol. Several drummers were tried out until we found the perfect one.
At one point the band had three guitarist as well, but that didnt last for long.
The bands sound came from various pop Demos Liz had been working on over the last few years
previous to the band and the band rocked them up a bit. With Liz's strong songwriting
Alex's intresting guitar playing and Steve & Adams rock solid rhythm section, the band did
several well recieved gigs around there home city of Bristol before calling it a day in 2001.

The White Horse Bristol on Saturday 10th June 2000
Cage Unplugged, The Lion Bristol on Friday 1st September 2000
The Louisiana Bristol Wednesday 4th October 2000
The Louisiana Bristol Saturday 23rd December 2000
The Louisiana Bristol Wednesday 10th January 2001
The St Nicolas House Friday 30th March 2001
The Louisiana Bristol Friday 25th May 2001

The band line up consisted of...

Liz...Vocals / Guitar
Liz has played in Silverain, Comfort and K-passa.

Alex has played in Black Aliss, Telekinesis, Satan's
marsh mellow meetings, Mavis cruet and The darling clementines.

Marmaduke has played in Mr zippy, Petulas 4 favorite things and Scapegoat.

Steve...Bass / Vocals
Steve has played in Chaser, Sirius, Fools like us, Percy topless,
Grave error and Hefty and the megaspores.

Adam has played in Johnny blade, Last stop for petrol, Jasmine,
Fools like us and Chaser.



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